About Our Start-Up

Brontoo is derived from Brontobyte. Amount of data to be generated by any firm yet. We are also aiming to achieve something which is futuristic. Solutions are existing for either business or customer related problem. We intend to look at things differently, imaginging as if the problem was faced for the first time and we are designing a solution. We are a startup and will continue to be a startup :)

We have started our journey with first problem of payments.


Team with a collective experience of more than 20 decades in Industry. Worked with some of the well-respected firms globally have come together to give you Osta as the first brand offering from Brontoo.

Our idea is to be a global firm designing solutions which are localized to countries. We call ourselves glocal (Thinking Global, living Local).

Established in India – we are living the dream – make in India.

Our Skills

MBA, Bankers, Engineers, Designers and Home makers are all part of this team. We bring you a vaired experience. Our skills lies in questioning the obvious. Asking what we have the best solution in the market - the best or is there something which we havent thought of?

Why Us?